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Ian James Mudge

Licensed Professional Counselor, M.A., L.P.C.

Every counselor, if they are honest, is seeking a client who is intelligent, funny, motivated, and has strong interpersonal skills. I am happy to work with those people, but I specialize in the more difficult cases. I like working with people who have had bad counseling experiences in the past. Those who know that they need change, but are unsure how to go about making those changes. Counseling is a collaborative relationship. My goal is not to fix your life, but to come along side you and help you move forward one step at a time.

As a counselor, I have years of experience working with substance abusers, their families, and individuals with severe trauma. My approach to counseling is entirely focused around my relationship with you. We are a team. I will stay with you through the difficult times, and be with you to celebrate your successes. 

Seeking help is never an easy thing. Regardless of where life has brought you, I believe that it can get better. We all need someone to come along side and help us through the difficult times. Even when things are going great, it's helpful to have someone who can push us to keep moving forward. Your life is precious. Let me help you make it better.

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